Triple Crown Results


Female Winner: Erica Jesseman, 53:56.1
Male Winner: Ryan Smith, 45:32.7
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Female Winner: Mary Pardi, 59:21.7
Male Winner: Moninda Marube, 47:08.4
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Female Winner: Erica Jesseman, 52:35.8
Male Winner: Eric McCarthy, 46:55.3

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Female Winner: Stephanie Beattie, 1:00:09.9
Male Winner: Luc Bourget, 48:59.6

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Female Winner: Kelly Brown, 59:18.0
Male Winner: Luc Bourget, 48:58.1

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Female Winner: Tina Meserve, 58:41.5
Male Winner: Mike Bradley, 49:04.5

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Female Winner: Tina Meserve, 56:58.0
Male Winner: Ben Fletcher, 50:33.4

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The Greater L-A Triple Crown 5K Series kicked off Sunday with the Fit Fest, a 5K run that started and ended in Festival Plaza. The Triple Crown, presented by the Maine Orthopedic Foundation, benefits the Twin Cities' community. Proceeds of this first race go to the Auburn-Lewiston YMCA.

Photo courtesy of Lewiston Sun Journal

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